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Fitness Works of Phoenix AZ, provides a one week fitness gym pass. Get the best fitness results and customer services. Our professional staff is here to serve YOU! Feel free to contact us today, and we will make sure to provide you with the service you need!

Leo Araiza

I enjoy coming here. The dumbbells are in good shape, there is always tons of space on the cables, and even at peak hours most anyone will let you work in with them. The entire facility is always quite clean.



I've joined many health clubs the past decade, and this is the first one that actually cared about me and not just my money!! ...



This Peoria AZ area gym has a comfortable feel. Most of the experienced members are very friendly and willing to spot or offer tips. There is plenty of Cardio equipment. Broken equipment is quickly repaired. Plenty of cable stations. Friendly front desk staff. Child care hours are well above average. Group classes are top notch. If you go to the litchfeild area gym for group classes you must try this gym. group class areas are very private for those who are self conscious.



Been going to Fitness Works for almost 3 years now. This Avondale Area fitness club is growing and is very nice. I believe the group fitness has made quite a good impression on my family and friends. Thanks for the clean locker room as well. That to me is a great motivator to workout, one less excuse for me.