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4 Smart Steps to Take Brought To You By A SO-Cal Pilates Instructor

If you are stuck in a line of work that you hate and you have become unhappy, then perhaps it is time to start thinking about a career change. If you have thought of switching to another career, then you should think about doing it as soon as possible, because if you wait too long, you might not do it at all. However, this does not mean you should just throw caution to the wind and quit your day job today. If you are thinking of changing your job, read the following steps you can follow to switch careers smartly


1) Research
The first thing anyone who want to go into a completely different industry or line of work or industry is research. You should arm yourself with a lot of knowledge about the particular field or job. Type of job and prospects are important, but there are other things to consider as well. For example, location is an important consideration. Certain careers are very highly paid in certain places, while others are not. If you want to become an actor, then you should head to New York or Hollywood, and not South Dakota.


2) Get the Right Education and Certifications
You should also find out what education you need to get jobs in certain fields. Lets say you want to become a Pilates instructor in Southern California. You should research about salaries and who are your potential clients you should think about how you can become a certified instructor without leaving the state. You should search for master teacher training centers and how you can obtain the necessary credentials to become an instructor. You should find out how much it costs and how long it will take.


3) Don’t Quit – Yet
Even after you have done your research and have made your decision, you should wait until you hand in your two weeks notice. For one thing, you still have to pay your bills and you may not find work in your desired field yet. In some cases, you might be able to work around your current schedule so you can keep your job while you try and test the water with your new job. If you want to become a freelance writer, you might be able to work on small projects during evenings or weekends to try to get your feet wet. If it works out and you get more clients, then you can hand in your notice, but if it does not, at least you will have your day job.


4) Get Advice
While there are many articles and websites devoted to various careers, it is always good to sit down with someone who really knows what it is like in certain fields of work. If you can, try to get advice from them. If you want to be a photographer, see if you can sit down with a pro and maybe even follow them around while they work. This is a great way to get first-hand knowledge of what it is like in that particular field.


Switching careers is no laughing matter. It can take time and effort and a lot of starting from scratch for many people. However, once you find a career you love, you may find all the trouble worth your while.


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