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Marketing with Fitness Trainers in 2014

Marketing with Fitness Trainers in 2014

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Beverly Hills Personal Trainers and Tips to Market yourself Better This Year


Marketing with personal trainers and fitness

As personal trainers, we always tell our clients that it is important to make goals. We ask them during our first session “What do you want to achieve?” However, do you take your own advice, at least with other aspects of your life, like your business. Although being a personal trainer is a lot of fun, it is also a lot of work. If you are a freelancer, then it is just like running your own business and your main goal is growing your business and one way you can do this is by marketing yourself. To help you achieve your goals, ways are here to market yourself better in 2014:

Specialize Your Location
Classes allow us to meet a lot of people, but if you are like most trainers, you really make your bread and butter through personal sessions. One way you can get more one-on-one clients is to find their pain points and try to solve it. One reason why many people don’t go to the gym is that they may say going to the gym is a big hassle. They have to drive or take bus or subway, and this is after they have been working all day and they may already have had a long commute. So, if you offer you’re training sessions close to their homes or office. You may want to choose one area because not only will this be more convenient for you, but you can choose neighborhoods you know are lucrative. For example, you might want to be a Beverly Hills personal trainer. This area of LA is known for its affluence and when you become a personal trainer at Pilates Beverly Hills, you can find more higher-paying clients.

There’s just no getting around the need for networking. Going out and putting yourself out there is still the best way to meet new people and potential clients. You might want to teach classes at a gym or even offer to do some freebies at events where you can show off your skills and knowledge (and pass out your calling cards). Don’t forget about technology and social networking. If you simply don’t have time to attend events, then you can also learn to use social network marketing to networking with people online.

Gain New Skills
Like any profession, personal training is never static and there are always new trends and knowledge. So, why not take advantage of new trends and update your skill set? If you can specialize or maybe add more certifications, like yoga, Zumba, Pilates etc., you can make yourself more marketable to a wider range of people.

Try Cross-Referrals
Everything is give and take, so why not build up your good karma and help out other businesses and professionals so they can help you? When you think about it, personal training is similar to other businesses that want to help people improve themselves, like hair salons, health food stores and gym equipment and clothing stores. So, why not create a cross-referral network? You can ask other professionals or businesses if they can refer you to their clients and you can do the same.

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