General Ways to Fitness & Healthy Living

Working Out & Living Healthy NO Matter the Circumstances

In today’s busy, high-tech era, people are carrying more and more responsibilities in their lives. Communities and Society expects them to earn a health living; climbing the corporate ladder; managing a home; and providing for the families by exercising, cleaning, doing choirs, thus to help care for their loved ones. In addition, these folks are spread way too thin, they are expected to look good and feel good.

Many people say , “I used to be very active, fit and worked out every day. These days, I find it hard to fit exercise and diet into my day.” They often say, “I do NOT have time to exercise or eat correctly on a daily basis”. A simple statement that is typically getting NO great positive result. Seeing that people get and stay healthy, is a daunting task to those who do NOT take these factors into account.

General ways to fitness and health living daily

Fitness Shadows Working Out

  • Get a scale, take some up close photos, and set your specific goals to achieve.You must start at some area for success. Find out where you are NOW before you move forward. Make sure to set  a quick and a small, short-term, obtainable goal. Write that bad-boy down it embed it down next to your photo, and look at it before you exercise daily!
  • Exercise extremely hard yet Safely, everyday you hit the gym. While at home in active recovery, flex your abs and tighten your core while you are performing choirs. You will tighten, tone and firm with an in-house core, flexing for minutes at a time. Remember that you are burning calories all the time while doing these tightening exercises. Stay in the gym frequently as well!
  • Get up and go workout at any time you can. You schedule dentist visits, and checkups, automotive maintenance appointments, haircuts, nail salon sessions and soccer practices. Why not schedule your fitness gym visits? Schedule a 30-minute workout 4 to 6 times every week with NO complaining or cheating. If you don’t, it won’t happen. If you can’t spare 30 minutes, squeeze in a vigorous 10 minutes that day. Photo food journal of your meals. Remember to share them on Facebook to get input on your diet (you will get scrutinized, but hang in their). Studies show that photographing and LiveJournal your meals and sharing them socially on Facebook, Google Plus, Tumbler and more, will help the world “AND YOU” understand your progress. They will encourage you, and criticize you. Take it all in stride, and DO NOT be a sissy, nor make any useless excuses, “those who work hard, achieve their goals quickly”.
  • Cut sugar, excess calories, carbs and starches. (EAT BETTER)
  • Join a group exercise program. Find a gym or personal trainer that offers yoga, spin and Cross fit, among others, these programs will be structured by professionals and harness all types of fitness levels and ages. These are good accountability stretches, plus you may learn some social skills as well. All great ways to meet new friends and enjoy the familiarity and accountability of group exercise.

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