Eight core strength exercises to get that flat belly

Eight core strength exercises to get that flat belly

Core, which comprises muscles of your pelvis and trunk, abdominal muscles, muscles of your upper and lower back, and oblique muscles, of the human body is the fusion center of all your body movements and core strengthening exercises are very important for the overall well-being and conditioning of our body. This is why these exercises are included as part and parcel of several workout sessions.

There are numerous benefits of performing core strengthening exercises. These include achieving core stability, making your trunk stronger, enhancing your balance, posture, and shape, protecting your back against the bracing effect of core muscles, making your less susceptible to injuries and back pain, and enhancing your performance during various sports activities. These exercises help you develop a strong core that you require to perform a variety of exercises such as sitting with your back straight, walking, running, lifting heavy objects, and climbing the stairs. Here are some core strength exercises that can help you make any movement effortlessly.

  1. Crunches: When performing crunches, lay yourself down on the floor. Take a few breaths, breath deep. You will have to work your abs. (Contract your abdominal muscles. Keep your head lifted and shoulders up, raise you thighs and bring your sternum (chest area toward your legs raised).
  2. Reverse crunches: This exercise workout will require you flat on the floor, get flat to the floor. Put your hands behind your head OR crossed on your chest. Lift both legs up, bending at the knees. The lower portion of your body should be raised to contract the ab muscles. Lifting your pelvis from the floor toward your chest, ensure you are NOT raising by rocking. This will put strain on your back.
  3. Oblique cross-over crunches: When performing this exercise, you need to lie flat on your back keeping the right hand behind your head and stretching out the left hand on the ground for support. Bend your right knee with the foot on the floor and put your left foot on the right knee. Then lift your body in turn doing a crunch with the right elbow/shoulder in the direction of the left knee area and twisting towards the left direction. Return to the starting position. Then switch the sides and repeat every side alternately for four to eight times.
  4. Ball crunches: This is one of the best core strength exercises to strengthen your core muscles. When performing this, you need to lie on a ball with lower back resting on it, hand behind your head, and feet resting on the floor. Then contract your abdominal muscles and curl your upper body towards your hips. The challenging part when performing this exercise is to keep the ball stable while continuing this exercise.
  5. Plank: This exercise is effective for your entire core muscles that include your upper and lower body. When performing this exercise, you need to lie down flat facing the ground. Then bending your elbows and placing your palms and forearms flat on the ground, lift your entire body off the ground so that you rest only on your forearms and toes. Tightening your core muscles, maintain this position for about thirty seconds.
  6. Air-bicycling: This is one of the most effective core strengthening exercises. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back keeping hands behind your head and knees bent keeping your feet flat on the ground. Lifting upper sections of your body be sure your are straightening your right leg toward the left knee into your chin. At the same instance, take the right side elbow towards your left knee being bent. Then, switch the sides and repeat this exercise for eight to twelve times. Perform all these movements in a smooth, seamless manner.
  7. Back extensions with balls:  When performing this exercise, you need to lie on the exercise ball facing downwards with your toes resting on the ground and positioning the ball beneath your hips. Then lift your torso up, spread your hands on either sides, and straighten your body. Align your head, neck, shoulder, and the back in a straight plane. Return to the starting position. Repeat this eight to ten times and take care not to hyper extend your back.
  8. Butt lifts: When doing this exercise, lie on your back, resting your hands on the ground and palms on the sides. Bend knees, your feet flat on the ground. Squeeze your lower abs and glutamate muscles and lift your hips off the ground. Come back to the original position and repeat this exercise ten to twelve times. This is an effective exercise to tone your abdominal and back muscles.

You can learn and practice all these eight core strength exercises by watching free fitness exercise videos online. Enhance your core fitness and overall body fitness by performing core exercises regularly.

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