Examining The UN-Healthy Modern Lifestyle Trend:


  • A crave for junk food
  • Irregular eating patterns
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Stress trigger weight gain


These cravings gradually result in obesity. The obesity rate, is growing at a rapid rate among Americans. There are more chances of obese children growing into obese adults with multiple health problems and deteriorating quality of life. Health statistics reveal that the United States has the highest rate of obesity in the world. Obesity gives way to various health issues and also affects the social and work life of a person.


The health experts believe that weight loss diet, fitness exercise and self-determination are the three most important factors that can help in weight loss and overall fitness. Out of the three, self-determination is the ruling factor. The working of the other two factors greatly depend on self-determination and self-motivation.

The doctors say that weight loss programs often fail because people make big goals and when they fail to achieve it they quit. People need to understand that weight loss doesn’t and cannot happen overnight. It needs regularity and continuity. Following gradual weight loss program helps in maintaining the weight for a long term. With fast weight loss programs there are high chances of gaining weight again. The dietitians have shared some simple weight loss diet tips for the beginners as well as the hard core dieters.
Some of the important tips include avoiding oily & junk food, cutting down high carb food eating small quantity healthy meals at regular intervals, having heavy breakfast and light dinner and eating fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Balanced diet and weight loss exercise are two sides of the same coin. Following one and ignoring the other will not bring the desired results. Simple fitness  exercises that can be followed at home are brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, and push-ups. Using staircase instead of an elevator strengthens the leg muscle, stretching hands and legs during long sitting hours help in burning little extra calories. Every effort counts and helps in shedding weight.

The best place to consider for acquiring a slim trim and well-toned body is a fitness club. Fitness clubs play a major role in putting a plump body back in shape. The Human body is meant to be lean and capable of doing every possible work, but the sad part is that most of the people are unable to touch their own feet or toes due to fat bellies. Many people are unable to perform the daily activities on their own and are dependent on others for every small work even for pulling up their socks.


It is high time that people should trigger their self-determination, follow a well-planned weight loss diet and get to the gym, under a trained and skilled instructor to mold their plump bodies into fit and healthy bodies.

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