Gym Workout Vs Home

Why Should Workout in a Gym Instead of at Home?

In today’s busy world, getting a regular workout in is vital to maintaining your overall health and stamina. An overabundance of convenience combined with sedentary lifestyles make exercise essential to maintaining a high quality of life. If you are thinking about starting an exercise program (or even if you’ve been exercising for a while) at some point in time you will be faced with the decision of whether you should join a gym or workout at home. Each decision has its advantages however the right decision for you will be based upon a variety of factors.

For many people who are just beginning their exercise endeavor, a gym membership is the way to go. If you can overcome your initial fear of going to a gym, the benefits of doing so will pay dividends for the rest of your life. If you’re unsure whether or not joining a gym is the right decision, here seven reasons that might convince you why you should workout in a gym instead of at home.

  • The Equipment

One of the greatest benefits of joining a gym is the instant availability of a multitude of commercial grade exercise equipment. Whether you have bad knees and desire to use an elliptical machine or want to bulk up with some weights, a gym should have the right equipment to satisfy 99% of the population’s needs. Furthermore, the quality of the equipment made available to you is most often better than anything you could or would buy for your own personal use. Commercial grade equipment is usually much sturdier and more well built than the home exercise equipment available to the consumer. The equipment available at a gym typically also comes with more features/options in an effort to cater to a wider variety of people’s needs. Not only that, but think about all the space you will be saving in your home by not having to store any equipment!

  • The Exercises

Because gym’s host a plethora of fitness equipment, the variety of possible exercises that you can do is much greater than what you can do at home. While some people are just fine doing body-weight exercises and jogging around the neighborhood, many people want to get more variety out of their workout. And that’s exactly what the equipment in a gym can do for you – give you a varied workout that simply cannot be experienced while at home. Whether you want to strengthen specific parts of your body, use an exercise bike or do an intense ten station circuit training routine, a gym is likely going be equipped to meet your fitness needs.

  • The Trainers

Another great thing about gyms is that most of them have trainers on staff ready to help you get the most out of your work out. Trainers can assess your strengths and weaknesses, provide exercise guidance, and even help to motivate you to do more than you ever thought you could. If you like lifting weights, the trainers can help provide you with a safety net by spotting your lifts and assessing your form. Even if you’re not a weight lifter, trainers can advise in the use of the gym’s other equipment and even help to adjust the settings to fit you and your abilities. Trainers are a great resource that can really help you maximize your exercise time, especially if you are a beginner.

  • The Atmosphere

One of the best things about a gym is the fact that it is a facility built for the sole purpose of exercising and getting fit. When you workout at home you are often confronted with interruptions, distractions, and a nagging desire to put on your pajamas and lounge on the couch. When you go to a gym the distractions of your busy personal life aren’t there to hinder your ability to get a good workout in. In addition to this, nearly everyone at the gym is there to exercise and it’s this atmosphere of fitness than can help to motivate you to get your sweat on.

  • The Financial Investment

Some people think that gym memberships are expensive. However, when you consider all the factors, a gym membership can actually be quite economical. Aside from all the instant benefits that are available when you sign the paperwork, the cost that you would incur to build an at-home gym is saved. The average cost to outfit a home gym with a decent treadmill, an exercise bike, and a basic set of dumbbells, barbells and weight plates can set a consumer back more than $1500. At that cost, you could have used any or all of the equipment at a gym for more than three years!

  • The People

One fringe benefit of joining a gym is the fact that you will meet plenty of great people all looking to improve their health and wellness. Meeting new people can not only improve your psychological well being, you may also gain some new friends (or even a new girlfriend/boyfriend) in the process. Aside from friendships, having other people in the gym has the benefit of actually improving your workout and fitness potential. The other gym goers can help motivate you while also providing additional knowledge and firsthand experience much like a trainer would.

  • The Convenience

Sure, you can’t beat the convenience of have a fitness center right in your living room, but many gyms can actually be just as (if not more) convenient than a home gym. For many people, a commercial gym may only be located just a few miles away from their home or place of work. In addition to this, a commercial gym is a purpose built facility designed for exercise and fitness whereas a home gym typically has to share its space with other uses such a garage, living room or even a bedroom. Dual-use rooms in your home can actually cause quite an inconvenience which may actually inhibit your ability to get in an effective workout. Imagine having to rearrange your room to setup the equipment every time you want to work out. That wouldn’t be very convenient at all would it?

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