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Fitness Works for Arizona Educators & School Districts

We understand the challenges that face our Arizona educators; our educators are tasked with the greatest job in the world, educating our youth, with access to limited resources and often supplementing their passion for education out of their own pocket. Often this commitment comes at a sacrifice for their health or access to programs to help relieve stressors. Fitness Works would like to partner with Chandler school district to provide this important community group with the opportunity to have access to a physical fitness lifestyle that is both affordable and comprehensive in its offerings.

Fitness Works is committed to providing the best health and wellness improvement experience in the Valley, especially in the Chandler-Gilbert area. After 13 years, Fitness Works is committed to the community and its residents, but none more than our educators.

Fitness Works offers professional guidance and support to all members in pursuit of their individualized goals offering such comprehensive amenities such as:
Visual Fitness Planner: Educator and school district staff are evaluated and given a transformation plan based on their goals in an initial Visual Fitness Plan.
Members are able to see individual plans laid out in front of them with a 3D Avatar unlike any other Health Club in the Valley! Educators and school district staff also receive an in-depth evaluation of their current health age versus actual age, resulting in a goal that will help members achieve a health age that is best for their individualized plan.
By undertaking this evaluative guidance and support program, members have access to an industry leading opportunity to evaluate current risk factors for Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Diabetes; and create a plan to reduce those risks.

Fitness Works programs are scientific algorithms backed by the American Heart Association® and American Medical Association® allowing members to make calculated decisions on individualized health and wellness strategies!
Daily Nutritional Support: Once educators and school district staff receive individualized transformation plans, members are able review nutrition intake daily with Fitness Works' nutritional support program.This vital program automatically sets daily caloric intake along with specific percentages of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats needed to reach individual and customized goals set. Eliminating the nutritional guesswork most members of society struggle with to reach fitness and wellness goals!
Online Fitness Foundation: Along with the online nutritional support, educators and school district staff are able to track and graph EVERY facet of fitness related activities with the Fitness Works online account! Not only do members track and manage their efforts and successes, Fitness Works personal trainers have a road map and real-time information to help members achieve goals, measure successes, and create strategies to overcome barriers to fitness and wellness goals.
This platform tracks and graphs nutrition, weights and measurements, along with specific workouts achieved to date!
Best Group Fitness Department: To aid in the results and program design Fitness Works' offers a more group exercise classes that are varied in their approach than any other Health Club in the Valley for a fraction of the cost spent in other clubs! Our group fitness instructors are the best at what they do! Providing energetic, scientific, results-based classes for 23 years! Group Fitness classes give educators and school district staff the opportunity to create a varied fitness option in a fun family-oriented class atmosphere! All while achieving fitness goals with an qualified and informed group fitness instructor
Year-Round Heated Pool: When members want to enjoy a day in the sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi indoors Fitness Works' offers these amenities year-round! Our aquatics are an integral part of health and wellness, and Fitness Works offers certified aqua instructors and year round aqua classes to all members.
Kids Club: Fitness Works realizes that educators and school district staff have families of their own, facilitating an environment that offers families a safe and caring environment for younger family members. Kids Club (a separate individual expense) gives parents and families the security of knowing that younger children are well taken care of, giving the educators and school district staff the opportunity to focus on their fitness and wellness needs.
Multi-Club Access: Fitness Works realizes that flexibility is a must for educators and school district employees! Members have access to all 6 Valley locations!
If members live in another area of the Valley, members have the option to access any of our 6 Valley locations, providing the highest level of flexibility.  
Dynamic Personal Training Staff: Educators and school district staff are focused on quality education – as is Fitness Works! Our qualified and helpful personal training staff undergoes significant training, and has been with Fitness Works for 4 years or more. Fitness Works trainers typically operate for extended hours – anywhere from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. – and are focused on helping members achieve their goals! These amenities are available to every member! Fitness Works believes in our communities, and more importantly to our Arizona educators and school district staff. Our comprehensive amenities, programs, and commitment to helping and guiding our members to achieve individualized goals is our hallmark.
Competitors often charge more but with limited amenities in an environment that is not focused on its members. In contrast, Fitness Works' only focus is the success of our members and their experiences with our club, our personnel, with the greatest level of flexibility. Fitness Works to partner with Chandler school districts to give employees' access to Fitness Works at a minimal monthly cost. We look forward to continuing to help our Arizona educators and school district staff for them achieve their health and wellness goals!

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