How to Promote Muscle Growth

Muscle Stimulation Promotes Muscle Growth

The best advantage of a Maximum Muscle Stimulation program is it promotes muscle growth and strength, reduces injury, and over training. First it is good to use a  Modified 1 -RM test for each exercise in his or her workout. Modified 1 -Rep Max Test Explanation This Modified 1 -RM Test is a theoretical means to measure a true 1 -RM for each exercise in your workout. This test is safer and does not require that you use heavy weights. The Modified 1 -RM Test will prevent injury, reduces muscle soreness, and is time efficient. The Modified 1 -RM Test results are used to calculate the proper amount of weight overload for each exercise set in the Weight Loss Training Program. We recommend that you take one or two workout sessions to perform the Modified 1-RM Test depending on your workout routine (3-day or split). The Modified 1-RM Test should be repeated approximately every 30 days or whenever you feel the weight or resistance for a given exercise is too light or too heavy.

Women Use Weight Training For Muscle Strength

Many women have not included weight training as part of their exercise program because they are afraid they will get too “big” or appear masculine. The fact is that it is impossible for a normal Woman to gain enough muscle to look masculine, considering Women do not have enough of the male hormone called testosterone to grow big muscles. Women will reduce the percent body fat and symmetrically shape their body shaping by including a weight training program in their exercise routine. Weight training “is an excellent measure to prevent osteoporosis.  You don’t have to change everything in your workout to experience physical and mental benefits. Completely redesign your workout every two months. By making these changes you will keep your workout interesting and you will experience continued improvement. This Program makes it easy to make changes to your workout.

Weight Lifting For Maximum Muscle Growth

In conclusion, Your strength training prescription is based on your 1RM capacity. This will ensure maximum results in helping increase your lean muscle mass to body fat ratio. To receive the greatest benefit from strength training, it is highly recommended that you be placed on a new program and be retested for your 1 RM every 4 to 8 weeks. This will not only ensure you are doing proper weights, it will also keep the muscles from adapting to certain routines as well as keep you motivated.

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