Always make realistic goals to achieve success.

Ann Kulze (author of 10 step diet) says “If you are making unrealistic goals you are setting yourself up to fail.” This is true because unrealistic targets would badly discourage you to work harder. If you want long term success, you need to make sure your aims are sensible and your strategy is achievable. Work in smaller achievable chunks and celebrate your small wins. Work slowly and consistently, this would help build confidence to go forward.

Don’t compare yourself to super-thin models.

People do this a lot! – While saving tumblr images of skinny models to your phone may apparently seem motivating to you but according to a new survey (Researchers in Netherlands) comparing yourself to skinny model may do more harm than good. This is because people create unrealistic self-standards. The Researchers established two groups of women. The first group was given journals with images of skinny models while the other group was given journals with neutral images. Surprisingly, the group given the journals with images of super models gained weight and the group who saw neutral images lost weight and saw much better progress. It’s better to see your progress relative to people around you than to compare it to super models (who are sometimes even photoshopped)

Fake it till you make it!

Act as if you have already achieved your goal. Don’t punish yourself first and then reward. Instead pretend for a little while that you have already lost weight. Don’t wait till you lose the weight to visit that old friend or a trip to your favorite place or vacation. The better way is to enjoy along the way and keep track of your progress to encourage yourself to exert even more. Stephanie merchant (a lifestyle and fitness coach) suggests people to imagine that they are already at their ideal weight. This would actually make you feel good about yourself and you would be willing to work even harder.

Expect Setbacks – Success is not how we think it is

Everybody faces setbacks from time to time– And you should expect it too. It’s okay to cheat sometimes. But what actually stops your progress is to declare yourself defeated. Don’t do that. Success is a continued process and not a onetime thing. And try not to be a perfectionist.

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