I had planned a fitness plan for me few weeks back and tried to follow it with utmost positive might (I’m still following the plan). There was “not much” disturbing with my fitness (only few more kilos & superfluous inches) but I wanted to be sure about my future health and fitness. For this reason I was concern to shed the extra pounds and inches. For my utter amazement, after the vigorous workout and keeping myself bound from a lot of food items, I’m unable to lose even few kilos. Why is that for? Why that scale needle not budging back? Knowing the reasons that why my body is not reacting well or at all is the quest of time for me. In my excursion to dig out the real reasons of not progressing in weight loss goal, I got a list of possible hindrances. Below are some of the general reasons of not losing weight as per your desire or planning:

False Estimation:
Believe me, we’re really bad in estimating the exact calories we eat and burn. We workout hard to burn those extra calories as exercise is the basic part of weight-loss equation. The only thing that wipes out our efforts is false estimation. We eat much and burn less that’s why it becomes hard to manage the process as it should be. Sugary food items, sodas fast foods and sweets have a lot more calories than we estimate. Relying on a 30 minute walk (200-250 calories burned) to burn out that fast food meal’s calories (500- 800 calories) cannot work for losing weight.


Exercise More To Eat More:
Exercising becomes the best excuse to overeat later. “Just one Bite”, “just one time” or “I’ll workout more tomorrow” are the justifications that pull us back in the same situation in which we were before working out. If this is familiar to you as well then you know the basic reason of not losing weight. Contemplate exercising as a burning calories option, not as an excuse to eat more.
Eating Haphazardly:
We cannot rely on just exercising to lose weight or moving the scale needle in our favor. Eating preferences and habits play a vital role in losing weight regimen. We have to keep an eye on what we eat and also to how-to-eat behavior. Rapid eating to save the time harms our weight loss efforts the most. If we’re not competing in an eating contest then it’s good to eat slowly. Hectic work schedules compel us to eat fast but the haphazard attitude keeps us away from the taste of food, savoring the bite and makes us not feel full. It ends on eating more unknowingly.
Incompetent Will Power:
Losing weight is a lifestyle as we have to be consistent in order to keep our desire weight. Incompetent will power is one of the major obstacles to live a hale and hearty life. Habitual changes are needed to make it happen to us. Sometimes it’s hard to commence the routine and if managed to begin then consistency needs the hardest struggle. Avoiding scrumptious edibles, following a routine, exercising continually and not excusing doing so are the tasks that need us to be too determined.

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