Fitness has gained prominence in recent times, and people are in away having what one may call a ‘wellness awakening’. The introduction of special diets for people striving to lose weight and those battling with certain health conditions is rampant and dietary specialists are busier than ever. Despite the fact that gyms are found most hotels, residential suburbs and even schools, they have continued to be one of the underutilized fitness methods.

This is due to the wrong perception about who should attend and what happens to such a person. Some also hold the belief that abnormal tissue growth, associated with most steroid users, is the result of gymnastic workouts. Others believe that sportsmen are the only appropriate attendants to gyms. While it is true that sportsmen should regularly attend gyms, it is not theirs alone. The truth on the other hand is that all can access the facilities of a gym as long as they have gotten their membership or are on a trial membership basis.

Even in a modern society with television programs to promote workouts from one’s living room, still there are a number of reasons for joining a gym or health club. Primarily, there is the encouragement that one gets when they train in groups and in a relevant environment. It is true that an individual can buy workout video tutorials to use at home just as it is difficult to maintain discipline while training. More often than not, many would start this train-at- home fitness programs with a lot of enthusiasm only to give up due to lack of motivation; a thing that the presence of other gym members provide.

The gym subscription in itself is an additional motivator since no one would want to spend money while missing the gym sessions. The equipments and additional perks are the other reasons for becoming a gym member. It is sad tha only few can purchase all the facilities of a gym For others, facilities like cardio, treadmills, indoor swimming pool, whirlpool and sauna plus the cost of maintenance is beyond their reach thus presenting a gym membership as the cheapest option.

There are other health benefits one can get from whirlpools and saunas that are just too important to be forgone. For example, there is increased vasodilatation when using saunas and whirlpools that improve body’s blood circulation and thus preventing high blood pressure. Gym membership and constant training is a good way of preventing stress, malaise, dizziness, and depressions.

Finally, there is the improved self-worth and muscular strength not to mention controlled body weight; things that can revitalize one’s health.

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