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Silver Sneakers Get Active, Feel Great

“I moved to Mesa from Salt Lake City, Utah about 3 years ago. I was excited about the move, but also nervous and scared. Everything and everyone I knew was in Utah. I had lived in Utah my entire life so everything was familiar. I had a very close group of girlfriends (there are 12 of us), and we’ve all know each other since anywhere from grade school to college. Now that we’re all in out late 60’s, you can imagine – that’s been a long time. Within the first month of moving, I wasn’t the same person I was a month ago – my daughter said I was depressed and recommended I join a gym.

I’ve never really felt comfortable in a gym, so I was dragging my feet and waited another month. Wanting to feel a connection to Mesa so desperately, I went to several gyms near my house and nothing felt right. At 66 years old, I felt like “the OLD woman”! Nobody was very warm and welcoming and nobody made me feel comfortable in an already uncomfortable situation for me.

On my drive home from the last gym, I drove past Fitness Works. Although I decided that I no longer wanted to join a gym, I ended up stopping to give it one more try. I’M SO GLAD I STOPPED! Fitness Works was a fit for me right from the start. From the friendly staff at the front desk, to the sales staff, the rest of the staff, and the members.

I LOVE going to work out during the week, and I really LOVE the luncheons I get to go on with all my new friends! Fitness Works has truly become like a family to me and I’m so happy for all the friendships I’ve made and the time I get to spend with them. Thank you Fitness Works for making me feel welcome and not like an old lady.” – FW Member

Have you ever moved to a new state, and new city, or even just a new neighborhood? Moving is often times exciting and packed full of fun new adventures (no pun intended!). However, moving can also create a lot of anxiety and be full of stress. Not only is all your stuff being relocated and becomes hard to find, everything you knew so well is now different – from the roads you drive on, to the grocery store you buy your groceries and everything in between. Stress becomes your new way of life………and NOBODY has time for that.
Fitness Works would like to help you relieve that stress!
Do you have any idea what a good workout does to your stress level??! Studies show that working out releases endorphins so positively that those nagging signs of stress such as high blood pressure, hypertension, headaches, and more can be reduced by a minimum of 50%! Sounds like a win win??! Studies also show that seniors tend to hold on to stress longer and their symptoms are even greater than in a younger adult.
As a senior, Fitness Works wants to be your home for stress relief, exercise, social and friendships, and fun! Seniors at Fitness Works not only have the best options of group fitness classes (land and water), cardio equipment, weights (free weights and machines), but most importantly FRIENDS!

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