Hip Toning Exercises


Getting in shape is extremely significant. Firstly, it keeps you going and it keeps your lifestyle healthy. There are multiple exercises focusing on different parts of a human body to bring it in form. One of the parts that take a lot of effort to get toned is the hips and the legs. This article is particularly about those exercises that can help your legs and tush to get firm and strong. All of these exercises require consistency. You have to do these 3-4 times a week in order to see results. Here are some of the easiest exercises to get your hips and legs in the best shape.
What you need:

• A set of 5-15lbs of dumbbells
• Resistance loop


Shaping glutes, hips and abs by squats:
With your legs parted wider than your hip width, stand straight. Keep your spine neutral and with your chest lifted, sit in a position of a squat, trying to tap the floor with both of your arms in front of you.

Now as you start to stand again, bend your left knee grabbing it by your left hand on the shin. You will be standing with your right leg balancing your weight. Count to 1 and release the posture. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times, changing the balancing leg each time.
Traveling Lunge:
With your legs parted wider than your hip length. Place your hands behind your head. Now drop your position in a curtsy lunge by placing your right leg behind the left. Your right hand should be touching the floor, inches away from your positioned leg. That’s all – the exercise is complete. It is recommended to do this exercise 20 times in a row.

Stand with your feet open and with dumbbells in your hand. Your knees should be bent a little. With your palms facing in, hold the dumbbells that they face your thighs. Your spine should be neutral. Your torso should be parallel to the ground as you drop your posture, moving your body further down. Try to put effort on your glutes in order to bring up your body, returning to the same posture you started at. Repeat the exercise 20 times in overall.

Side lunge+Summo Squat:
Hold dumbbells in your hands and stand with your feet together. Taking a wide step, move to the right moving your body in a lower side lunge. The dumbbells should be on the sides of the right leg. Now, turn your left knee that your body weight shifts on both of your legs and you from a squat position – the dumbbells should be help in between your legs in this posture. Move your right leg, making it straight and shifting all the weight to the left one. You have now moved in a side lunge. Return to your start up position and repeat the exercise 20 times. These exercises will help your hips get in shape! Try theses to see astonishingly sexy changes in your body. For more information & workout instruction visit our home fitness blog page OR Get fitness club deals here.

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