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Fitness Works For The Single Mom


Fitness Works for the single Mother of 2

Jocelyn, 33, is a single mother with two children who recently joined Fitness Works.  Here she shares her story with us as she looks forward to working out in our gym.

"As a single mom with two kids it's always a big deal to try and go to the gym.  I had always wanted to find a place to exercise but finding someone to watch my kids while I was out was difficult. I began searching for a gym that provided child care and that's when I came across the Fitness Works and their KidZone."  It sounded good so within a few days the kids and I went to the gym to give the KidZone a try.  Fortunately for me they loved the KidZone so much that I could get in a good half hour workout without having to worry about them getting into trouble.  Now I'm a regular member of Fitness Works. I try and get in a couple of workouts a week." - Jocelyn

Single Mothers Love The Fitness Works Kids Zone

Jocelyn's story is like many of the single mothers that we have taking advantage of the KidZone childcare and activity center offered at many of the Phoenix Area Fitness Works locations.  The KidZone is designed to keep your kids safe, active, and occupied in a secure and clean environment.  Our goal is to have happy children so that you can have a focused workout in a worry-free environment.

Our Staff is Friendly, Well Trained and Alert

All staff on the Fitness Works KidZone team are background checked, CPR certified, and trained to work with the equipment as well as the kids.  In addition to this, the KidZone is continuously monitored by cameras which can be viewed from any of the screens available within our facility. The KidZone is a low-cost and convenient alternative to hiring a babysitter which enables you to easily exercise, do classes or simply utilize any of the equipment that we have available within our gym.

Join For Free Membership Pass

In preparation for the new year Fitness Works is offering a free trial membership to new guests at our facilities.  During the trial period, you'll have access to all the equipment within the gym.  With the free trial membership and the Kid Zone even single mothers and busy families have no excuses to get in a great workout.  Visit any of our Phoenix locations today!

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