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Workouts require self-motivation and action

Exercising is difficult, but for many people, staying on track with their workout routine is perhaps the hardest part of exercising. In the beginning, many of us feel excited about exercising and can’t wait until it’s time for our workout. However, the newness may start wearing off and, in a few weeks, you may find yourself making up all kinds of excuses to stop going to the gym or Pilates studio. While your body may be willing to go, sometimes it’s your mind stopping you. You think, “I’m too tired” or perhaps, “I’m too busy, I’ll go tomorrow.” However, there are ways you can help yourself stay motivated and go to the gym. Here are some tips that can help:

Change It Up

If your routine is getting too boring, then it’s time to change it up. Actually, if you can, plan to change things up even before you get bored. Try one routine, like running, for the first month and maybe next month you should switch to swimming. Not only will you lower the chances of getting bored, but you can also work out more muscles.

Schedule Your Workout

If you live and die by your calendar, then why not add your workout to your schedule? You can add an entry for your workout, to make sure you don’t forget it, but also that ensures that you stick with it.

Make Going There Easy

One way you can stay motivated is to make going to your workout easy and uncomplicated. If you have to drive an hour to your gym, then you will get tired and you might find excuses not to go. So, if you live in LA, you should, for example, find Pilates classes Beverly Hills. If you take yoga or Pilates classes in Beverly Hills, then you don’t have to go very far. Of course, if you live further out, like in Pasadena, then you shouldn’t take Pilates classes in Beverly Hills. It will take you too long and you will lose interest.

Have a Goal

If you are doing workouts, you probably have some sort of goal, like losing weight, building muscle, etc. If you don’t, then you should think of one. Perhaps you’d like to run a marathon or maybe you want to bench press a hundred pounds. Having a goal keeps you focused and motivated to sticking to your workout. It also allows you to hit milestones. As you hit those milestones and the closer you get to the goal, then the lower the chances that you will stop.

Get Support

Finding support and help is a great way to make sure you stick to your workout. You can find a workout buddy, an online support group or a personal trainer. Having someone support you is a great way to stay motivated because then you feel accountable to someone. Also, you can talk to them and tell them about your frustrations and troubles and maybe even give you advice about how to stay motivated so you can reach your goals.

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